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If word mavens can put that nitpick aside they should enjoy browsing through such words and phrases as:

flusteration (remember discombobulate?)

gracious plenty, to have more than enough

Job's comforter, "one who depresses and discourages under the appearance of consoling."

*prezactly, "combined precisely and exactly"

walking in high cotton, become wealthy ("He once didn't have a pot to pee in and now he's __")

Yankeefied, characteristic of a Yankee.

Thomas Howard will sign his book at the Library of Virginia July 10 at noon.

Once again the raven?

By e-mail, reader Wayne Kitsteiner made two interesting observations about Style's June 26 issue:

"Thanks for the article on verbing. It seemed especially timely after hearing "observate" (used by a grade-schooler) on NPR this morning. And in the example of "conversate," I wonder what's wrong with "talk" instead of "converse." (I wouldn't have used your suggested "conversing" in that example.)

"I was momentarily startled to read that Ron Smith teaches Edgar Allan Poe at U of R: I hadn't heard that Poe had transferred from U.Va. I probably would have understood the intended meaning from the start had it said only that he teaches Poe (though I'd have written that he teaches a course about Poe); but somehow seeing the full name conjured dark images."

Rosie is grateful to Mr. Kitsinger for his careful reading of Style. If Poe is studying at the University of Richmond I want to take the course. Though it might flusterate me.

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