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With this issue, we mark the 25th anniversary of our signature Richmonder of the Year. Through the last quarter century Style Weekly has used this issue to shine a light on people, groups, institutions — even symbols — that have captured our attention.

While the issue always has brought with it some sort of recognition for the recipient, it has evolved. Our selection process once involved a committee of community and business leaders to help us award credit where it was due. In recent years we changed our approach, bringing it inside and asking our editorial team to name the recipient.

With that responsibility, the editorial team searches for the stories of the year, the people whose actions made waves, created change or symbolized a broad lesson for the community. We reflect on turning points and find the people at the core of those stories.

We have been honored to feature many fine recipients since 1985, and continue to search for those Richmonders who captivate us. We'd like to know what you think about this year's recipient, too. Weigh in by e-mail us at letters@styleweekly.com.

The Editors

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