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What About the Food?

Oh my goodness! Where shall I begin? The last time I ate out, it was all about the food (Letters, Feb. 9). Certainly the wait staff contributes to the success of any restaurant, whether it's Shoney's or Acacia. Perhaps it's because my pocketbook doesn't allow me to eat out as often as I would like and apparently not as frequently as Mr. Cohen is able, but I understand that one unhappy experience doesn't equate with a lousy restaurant.

I have dined in Chicago and New York City, the most recent experience at a restaurant owned by a famous chef. While the service was impeccable, I didn't expect that the owner would be in attendance circulating among the tables. And I must admit that the food itself did not surpass any that I've eaten here in Richmond.

Mamma 'Zu is one of our successes. It's a shame that Mr. Cohen hasn't returned. When I am able to eat out, I make a point to select a local place. I have avoided the new "elephants," or corporate restaurants, because I have some understanding of the courage — no, guts — it takes to open a place.

Karen Nelson

County Deserved Smack

Your take on Chesterfield County buying Cloverleaf Mall was dead on ("Big Smooch," Cover Story, Feb. 9)!

Ironically, that high-income county cries "poor" when it comes to their sub-par animal control department and the continued use of the barbaric gas chamber. The employees have no interest in lowering the number of unwanted dogs and cats through aggressive spay/neuter programs.

So Chesterfield's reputation continues to be stellar with the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who roam that county.

Annie Pelfrey

Ryan Story Appreciated

I just finished reading your recent article about Thomas Fortune Ryan and the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart ("The Tycoon," Cover Story, Jan. 19). I have always admired your writing, and this recent article is another example of your ability to weave together the stories of Richmond's buildings and people.

Your well-researched and well-written article provides a great introduction to Mr. Ryan and his legacy. It also helps to provide a context for the upcoming celebration of the cathedral's centennial.

The Rev. Michael A. Renninger
Rector, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Reader Note

You can listen to WRIR ("Big Smooch," Cover Story, Feb. 9) on 97.3-FM.

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