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12. Olde Shame, "King of Scum (live at WRIR)"

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Olde Shame makes unrepentant old-school punk rock of the balls-to-the-wall variety influenced by Texas hardcore such as the Dicks, MDC and Verbal Abuse. The group features Wilbo Glavin on bass, Leo Heinzel on drums, Tony Lynch on guitar and Mike Raftery on vocals, who tells Style via e-mail about the song: It's "a confessional, a play on the classic garage loser ballad, only there's no Two-Dimensional Villainous Female Pronouns here, just a series of admissions: that I can barely deal with my own compulsions and self-loathing, that I know choosing to make music and art instead of doing what 'normal' folks do is just another self-destructive act, that I hide from responsibility by making poor decision after poor decision and instead of facing up to it, accepting it, maturing to chase catharsis I wrote a song instead ... and I understand that I'm a selfish, hateful, disgusting piece of immature shit, but I also have accepted that sometimes I LIKE acting that way, that I'm happier now — as King of Scum — than I was when I was trying to lie to everyone all the time." This live version was recorded by Richard Schellenberg on March 16 for a WRIR fundraiser during Greta Brinkman's "Locals Only with Greta B." You can catch the band live May 8 at the Nile, and May 19 at the Camel. — Brent Baldwin


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