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11 Classic Ads


The Carpenter Center
The symphony, ballet and opera under one roof for the venue's 10th anniversary. Feb. 15, 1994

Loveland Distributing Co. Inc.
Our first beer ad: Miller Time. April 1983

Work Beer
The memorable ads by Cabell Harris helped brand his agency and a new beer. The beer disappeared, but it's coming back "bigger and better" than ever, Harris says. July 27, 1999

Capezio Dance-Theatre Shop
Now that's a workout. April 2, 1985

Charles FishburneThe popular anchor returns to Channel 6. Sept. 25, 1984

Capital OneA hiring frenzy. April 14, 1998

Style Weekly
Promoting our Sept. 4, 1984, issue, shifting from a monthly to a weekly. July/August 1984

Strawberry Street Café
The bathtub salad bar that earned a "Jeopardy!" question. March 5, 1985

Little People StrippingEnough said. Oct. 4, 2006

Cavalier Telephone
Breaking the bell:

Competition comes to town. Aug. 3, 1999

Miller & RhoadsLegendary Santa's original home. December 1983

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