The Score: Week 1, 2015


+6 Across the city, revelers count down the seconds to the new year. Following Richmond tradition, we started at 20 instead of 10, because getting things done takes twice as long around here.

+1 Richmond’s Grammy-nominated rapper and songwriter, Skillz, releases his annual Rap Up performance of the headlines and trends of 2015. But he’s still working on a rhyme to exploding hover board.

+3 A former Richmonder, rocker David Lowery, files a class-action lawsuit seeking at least $150 million from Spotify, allegedly for failing to secure proper music licenses. We couldn’t reach Spotify for comment because it never takes off those damn earbuds.

-6 The decades-old Pleasants Hardware tells employees of its closure, with Whole Foods grocery scheduled to take its place. Nothing takes the sting out of a layoff like a citrus-roasted paiche in a collard wrap.

+2 A year after a successful Kickstarter campaign to keep its doors open, the now-nonprofit Video Fan launches a nearly $10,000 online fundraiser to underwrite its next stage of growth. Online technology: That which kills you can make you stronger.

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