The Score


+7 Richmonders gather together for Thanksgiving celebrations. And judging by the bulging waistlines at work Monday, nary a turkey was pardoned.

-3 The Retail Merchants Association says nearly half of businesses responding to a survey of Black Friday saw sales decline or stay flat. Somebody summon Samson Trinh, stat. This season needs another Christmas album from the Upper East Side Big Band.

+4 The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors approves a $360 million, 362-mile bicycle trails plan to be built over the next 50 years. But if we’re already thinking ahead to the year 2065, let’s hope they factored in all the hovercraft traffic.

-2 Fans of Bon Air singer Evan McKeel are bummed to watch him get knocked out of the running on NBC’s “The Voice.” Chin up, kid. After Crab Louie’s, you’re still the pride of South Side.

+1 The Carytown wine bar Secco announces that it’s moving into the long-time site of the neighborhood beer joint in the Fan, Buddy’s Place. Suds and shots are being replaced by a lovely sauvignon blanc. We all have to grow up sometime, right?

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