The Score


-3 CBS-6 reports that a 14-year-old girl at Moody Middle School could face assault and battery charges for throwing a baby carrot that hit a teacher in the forehead. Thank goodness they stopped her before she could pull out her broccoli shank.

+2 A living pop legend, Beach Boy Brian Wilson thrills fans at the National during his first appearance in Richmond. And let’s just say we spotted some dancing grandmas feeling their first good vibrations in a long time.

+1 Carytown Cupcakes transforms itself for a Harry Potter-themed week that brings in crowds to taste the dementor’s kiss, polyjuice potion and butterbeer. The only downside was having to play four hours of quidditch to burn it all off.

+3 On ESPN’s nationally televised “College GameDay,” the visiting Richmond Spiders beat the unbeaten James Madison Dukes by 59-49. Harrisonburg hasn’t seen this much action since the great Mennonite horse and buggy race of 1927.

+6 Richmond wastes no time in getting its Halloween festivities underway — creating costumes, attending themed events and hosting private parties. The mayor announces that he’s trick-or-treating as the scariest thing he can think of: regional cooperation.

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