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+9 The Richmond Folk Festival turns out big numbers, estimating its largest crowd ever at more than 200,000, and record-breaking donations from fans of $118,000. And they didn’t even have to burn a wooden effigy. Take that, hippies.

+2 Of his performance there, Grandmaster Flash noted on Instagram: “Richmond Showeddd Up 1000s more show up to show OUTttttttttt totally sickkkkkkkk RichmondFolkFestival….” Translation: a good time was had by all.

+1 Local radio station 103.7 Play riles up thousands of Richmonders by kicking off a Christmas music stunt Oct. 7 — only to reveal after 12 hours that it was a one-day prank. Next up: Ukrop’s Christmas Rainbow Cookies are being pulled from the shelves!

+2 A YouTube video of a blossoming friendship at Metro Richmond Zoo between Kumbali and Kago, a cheetah cub and puppy, racks up nearly 2 million views. Though most of the views were attributed to the crocodiles, who recently got Wi-Fi access.

+0 With an event change in Hampton Roads, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump announces that he’ll hold a rally Wednesday at Richmond International Raceway. Making America Dumb Again, one campaign stop at a time.

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