The Score


+7 Opening ceremonies attract nearly 12,000 people to Brown’s Island for pomp, circumstance and a free Richmond Symphony concert. The crowd was enthusiastic, diverse, and a reminder that only professional cyclists should be seen in spandex.

0 A grandiose Gov. Terry McAuliffe offers a welcome at the ceremonies, trumpeting Dwight Jones as the greatest mayor in America. And by America he means the stage they shared on Brown’s Island.

+4 The Dutch team’s stolen racing bike, valued at more than $10,000, is recovered by Richmond police, who arrest a man in connection with the theft. He’d better be glad the Dutch team didn’t catch him. Have you seen those arms on Tom Van Asbroeck?

-3 A man crashes into a bike barricade while speeding back and forth through Monument Avenue in a Camaro. We’re used to horsepower on Monument, but this is taking things too far.

-4 Jokes quickly circulate about the misspelling of a banner flown by a plane over race crowds that reads, “Confederate Heros Matter.” Which explains the T-shirts we saw that said “Heritage not hat.”


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