The Score


-2 A nationwide egg shortage sends prices climbing at grocery stores across the area. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has already curated a few Eggland’s Best into its Fabergé collection.

+1 Hordes of college freshman move into dorm rooms at Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Union and the University of Richmond. Welcome to town, kids! The sooner you come to terms with the fact that you’re never leaving, the better.

+4 Gwar B-Q and its three days of raunchy revelry bring out thousands of fans celebrating the 30th anniversary of Richmond’s most well-known heavy metal band. You can never go wrong with phallus-shaped brisket.

+6 With training camp coming to an end, the Washington Redskins pack up for home. Monday’s final practice was closed to the public, so there was only a slight drop in attendance.

+3 The indie film “Cop Car” opens in Richmond, starring Robious Middle School student Hays Wellford alongside Kevin Bacon. Yes, soon we’ll all be playing the Six Degrees of Hays Wellford game.


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