The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


-4 The city puts final plans into place for Redskins Training Camp in Richmond, which starts Thursday. And don’t worry, our tax dollars aren’t going to waste. They’re helping Dan Snyder finally get his yacht’s toilet seats upgraded from gold to platinum.

+1 On a trip to the Outer Banks, a Richmond couple stirs up media attention by walking into the ocean using homemade shark cages for protection. Ironically, they accidentally stepped on a gross piece of cold seaweed that had them screaming like banshees.

-1 The owners of Newsradio 1140 WRVA dump its FM simulcast, replacing it with Richmond’s fourth country radio station, Big 98.5. When Jason Aldean gets more airtime, it’s the people with ears who suffer.

+3 NBC-12 reports on Bojangles’ customer James “J.J.” Minor III, who returned about $4,500 in cash that he accidentally received in his box of chicken from the drive-thru. But there was no way he was giving back that extra packet of delicious honey-mustard sauce.

+5 The governor announces that $2 million in state and local incentives will help an expanding Hardywood Park Craft Brewery to open a $28 million complex in Goochland County. Note to Hardywood: You’re officially banned from declaring any more shortages of Gingerbread Stout.


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