The Score


+4 In the midst of a heat wave, dozens of food vendors find new ways to elevate crispy pork through their offerings at the Richmond Bacon Festival in Shockoe Bottom. As a bonus, when the fryers got full, cooks could throw slabs of raw pork on the cobblestones.

-3 The Byrd Theatre is forced to switch back to its old 35 mm projector while it works to raise money for a new digital one. In a show of solidarity, Carytown is now open only to horse-drawn traffic and men wearing neckties. -3

-5 Budget cuts threaten teacher jobs in the Richmond Public Schools, triggering a protest at City Hall from a group of students at Open High. Oh well, kids, if the money ain’t there, the money ain’t there. Besides, City Hall has more important things to consider, like. ...

+1 The Washington Redskins announce their Richmond training camp schedule, which starts Thursday, July 30, and runs through Aug. 17. We suggest setting aside some time to get out and enjoy the practice sessions. The team’s way more entertaining when no one’s keeping score.

+2 VMFA’s colorful and serene exhibit, “Van Gogh, Manet, and Matisse: the Art of the Flower,” heads into its final week on display. And while we enjoyed the masterpieces, we had to wonder: When do vases get their turn in the spotlight?


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