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+4 Food festival season gets well underway, with the hungry hordes filling up on Greek delicacies and Beer, Bourbon and BBQ. Yes, friends, ’tis summer in Richmond. The season of beer bracelets and meat sweats.

+2 Richmond International Airport announces that its passenger count in April hit 300,491 — an all-time record for that month. And that even includes April ’94, when Richmond’s homicide rate was scaring people away to such safe havens as Detroit, Chicago and Washington

-5 Hate appears to rear its ugly head at Amazon’s Chesterfield warehouse, where a 24-year-old employee tells that he was attacked for being gay by a co-worker — who is fired by the company and being investigated by police. What year is this again?

+6 In a weekend of concerts by Foreigner, Lee Brice and the Wailers with Rusted Root, Innsbrook After Hours kicks off its 30th anniversary season. It’s been around long enough to see bands evolve from new to retro to hey, it’s about time for a comeback tour but my joints hurt.

+1 Raising money to help build a school in Kenya, the Aquarian Bookshop holds its Psychic Festival, offering such services as psychic, astrology and palm readings. Wouldn’t it be easier to skip all the fundraising hassle and look into the future for Powerball numbers?



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