The Score


-7 Beloved men’s basketball coach Shaka Smart says goodbye to Virginia Commonwealth University, accepting the job as men’s basketball coach at the University of Texas. Even if all your exes live in Texas, you can still hang your hat on black and gold.

+6 Thousands of people and dogs in bonnets turn out to Monument Avenue, enjoying the spring sunshine of the annual Easter on Parade. Then there are those who take it to the extreme: Can you say “plastered porch partygoers passed out in pastel” five times fast?

+1 After months of planning and online fundraising, the owners of Richmond’s first cuddling salon announce that Cuddle RVA will open April 8. Because in the mean streets of Richmond, the snuggle is real.

+3 Richmond’s first racetrack, Southside Speedway, holds its Friday night season opener. If you’ve never been, it’s like Richmond International Raceway without all those fancy tailgaters and their highfalutin’ attitudes.

+2 And speaking of season starts, the Richmond Kickers hold their opener against Louisville City, ending the game in a draw, 1-1. Hey, win, lose or tie — we’re just rooting to hear some vuvuzelas.


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