The Score


+6 Despite the cold morning, some 26,400 running enthusiasts turn out for Saturday’s Monument Avenue 10-K. Whose finish line, incidentally, serves as a starting line for the race to the nearest mimosa pitcher.

+3 Musicians Natalie Prass, Matthew E. White and the band Avers catch the attention of national critics at South by Southwest, with fellow Richmond artists showing off the city’s sounds. Hey Austin, you can keep it weird. We’re keeping it feisty.

+1 Richmond-based Elephant Auto Insurance says it’s recruiting more than 100 people to work in its expanding local headquarters. Most of the jobs require experience, but onsite training is available for aspiring Trunk Polishers.

-2 The T-D reports that one of the city’s three pairs of nesting eagles, in the Stony Point area, apparently moved on for the season without producing offspring. Well, that’s one of the perks of not having kids — the freedom to travel.

+5 Thousands of fans swarm Carytown alongside directors and actors for the 23rd annual French Film Festival, the largest in the United States. Buskers and strollers briefly succumbed to baguettes and berets. Briefly.


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