The Score


+5 The VCU Rams win their first Atlantic 10 conference title, beating the Dayton Flyers 71-65. That’s right, Dayton isn’t the only team that can fly. Have you seen the wingspan on Mo Ali-Cox?

+2 With trade limits easing, Gov. Terry McAuliffe announces that he’s going to Cuba to expand its partnerships with Virginia. We’re thinking a couple of Smithfield Hams for a box of cigars and a right fielder. (Either way, Todd “Parney” Parnell is happy.)

-1 NBC-12 looks for parallels to the Hillary Clinton email scandal at City Hall, reporting that Mayor Dwight Jones uses his personal AOL email addresses for some city business. The mayor was going to respond to the story, but his rotary phone is in the repair shop.

+1 Two former Richmonders are hanging in there on “American Idol,” where they’ve landed among the top 11 finalists. It’s true, “American Idol” is still airing. They put it on the TV in Elliot Yamin’s retirement home every Thursday.

-3 An onslaught of rain puts a damper on weekend St. Patrick’s Day festivals, though the forecast looks good for the Church Hill Irish Festival coming up March 21 and 22. Yup, just when you stop peeing green it starts all over again.


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