The Score


+5 Richmond loses an hour to daylight saving time, but gains a welcome break from ice-cold temperatures and hope that spring’s right around the corner. As for the lost sleep, we recommend a dozen five-minute naps at your desk, which is how Benjamin Franklin would’ve wanted it.

+1 The Atlantic 10 women’s basketball tournament wraps up in Richmond, with the George Washington Colonials taking home the championship. And you should’ve seen them celebrating. They chopped down that net like a cherry tree.

+4 After becoming a leading candidate for the job in Boston, Richmond School Superintendent Dana Bedden takes himself out of contention, deciding to stay put. Besides, having to shovel 100 feet of snow out of yah yaahd is wicked hahhd.

-3 CBS-6 reports that Mayor Dwight Jones is stepping down as chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia to focus on city business. And when that means baseballs, bicycles and beers, who can blame the guy?

+2 Black Heath Meadery opens its doors in Scott’s Addition, reports, serving up a form of what’s “widely believed to be the world’s oldest fermented beverage.” It’s what kept Viking parties raging all night long. Valhallaaaaaa!

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