The Score


+2 Workers start clearing trees in Fulton Hill, the site of Stone Brewing Co.’s East Coast expansion. Deforestation — the first step toward fermentation.

+5 Mayor Dwight Jones announces the appointment of the city’s new police chief, Alfred Durham. His first challenge is to prepare for the giant cycling race coming to town. Because anyone who can sit on one of those seats for hours on end should be eyed with suspicion.

+3 Thalhimer Realty Partners and the Rebkee Co. buy Regency Square, saying they’re going to revitalize the mall originally built in 1975. The first piece of the puzzle is clearing out the stench of teen spirit left by Abercrombie & Fitch.

+1 AMC’s anticipated series “Better Call Saul,” a dark comedy co-created by Chesterfield County’s Vince Gilligan, premieres to critical praise. When asked yet again whether Walter White would appear in the show, he said, in a deep growl, “We’re done when I say we’re done.”

0 Richmonders with significant others scramble to find a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A word of advice, gentlemen: Standing outside of C.F. Sauer and letting her “smell the sweetness” will get you nowhere.

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