The Score


+5 Gov. Terry McAuliffe charges ahead with a full schedule despite being hospitalized for seven broken ribs after being thrown from a horse in Tanzania. Meanwhile, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan breaks a sweat trying to find Tanzania on a map. That’s right, Larry. It’s on now. Bring it.

-1 In another one of those random lists, a real estate website ranks Short Pump and Mechanicsville as two of “the most mind-numbing places in Virginia.” Clearly, the researchers never visited the chambers of Richmond City Council.

+3 A survey of 62 local chief executives by UR’s Robins School of Business reveals “strong optimism” about the economy, with 75 percent expecting money to flow in the next six months. Till then, they’re pinching pennies by flying commercial to all Caribbean board retreats.

+2 The Climate Change and Resiliency Commission gathers for a panel discussion in Richmond to address climate change and threats to the coast in Virginia. It’s an umbrella organization.

-2 As we’re going to press, the forecast calls for snow. Did it happen? Who knows. Either way, we’re pretty sure all those television weather people are corporate shills for the bread and milk industry. Have you ever seen Andrew Freiden driving around in his Marva Maid Jetta?

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