The Score


-8 It’s another dark week in Virginia politics, with former Gov. Bob McDonnell ordered to serve two years in prison starting Feb. 9. Few details are known about his temporary home, but it’s a good bet he isn’t driving there in a Ferrari.

+4 Esquire magazine names Virginia as the food region of 2014, with Rappahannock cited as one of the country’s best restaurants. Those owners are raking in so many accolades that every oyster served in 2015 will come with a pearl.

-2 State senators, delegates, their staffers and lobbyists settle into Capitol Square for a 46-day session of the General Assembly. Their first item on the agenda: securing reservations at Rappahannock. Cause they can always worry about bills and laws and stuff later.

-1 An annual compensation report by the T-D finds that three local government employees — Chesterfield’s school superintendent Marcus J. Newsome and administrator James J.L. “Jay” Stegmaier, and Henrico’s John Vithoulkas — rake in more than $250,000. Wow. It isn’t often you hear the terms “civil service” and “balling out” in the same breath. -1

+2 The city announces the retirement of Police Chief Ray Tarasovic — who stepped in from retirement to serve as a fill-in — with plans to name a new chief by the end of the month. But he’s keeping the hat, because he plans to pull rank with the guys on the golf course.

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