The Score


+8 Thousands of revelers show up to Brown’s Island on a bitterly cold night for the first RVA New Year’s Eve celebration. How cold was it? Some balls never did drop.

+3 The city opens its first new high school since 1968, the T-D reports, with the mayor calling the $63 million Huguenot campus the “Taj Mahal of high schools in Virginia.” It seems like hyperbole till you remember that he called Sugar Shack donuts “the Versailles of North Lombardy.”

-7 Attention turns to the sentencing of former Gov. Bob McDonnell, with The Washington Post reporting that he’s landed a $7,500-a-month consulting gig with a total income of $12,432 a month. Sadly, he’ll still need you to accept his collect call.

+2 GwarBar, the restaurant tribute to Richmond’s infamous shock-metal band, opens in Jackson Ward just in time for New Year’s Eve. Customers raved about the food, although many noted that the ambiance could’ve used a bit more phallus.

+1 All those year-end wrap-up albums from your Facebook friends start fading out of your timeline. But don’t fret: If you miss seeing pictures of people you barely know with pictures of people you definitely don’t know doing fun stuff together, just check Instagram.

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