The Score


+4 Former R&B heartthrob, Richmond native and Grammy-winner D’Angelo draws national attention for a long-anticipated release, “Black Messiah” — his first album in 15 years. Which by our calculations means you can expect a baby boom around September.

+2 The Martin Agency wins the Tic Tac account, with the ad agency’s chief telling Advertising Age that it will help the brand increase its interaction with consumers. But not too much interaction. Because you smell like garlic. Just kidding. But seriously, have a Tic Tac.

-5 Local outrage erupts over the appearance of a billboard calling homosexuality a choice from a group that supports therapy to treat the condition. Billboards are for telling us where to buy your wedding ring, not whose finger to put it on.

+1 The popular Cuban restaurant in the Fan, Kuba Kuba, decides to open a second location in the West End. Now that soccer moms won’t be denied their tres leches cake, all they need is a closer Ikea store and more hot yoga Groupons to reach complete Nirvana.

+3 The Richmond Ballet counts down the days to its weekend opening of “The Nutcracker.” Mom is insisting that we attend. Tried to change her mind, but you know her. She’s a tough nut to crack.

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