The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.

+7 Thousands of lights are switched on downtown for the 30th annual Grand Illumination, with the Dominion Christmas Parade rolling through the city the following day. Yep, Christmas always comes early for the power company.

+2 Bon Secours Richmond Health System taps Toni R. Ardabell as its chief executive. And in a city with few women heading up board rooms, consider this a star of wonder.

-4 The T-D reports that more than 3,800 state employees make salaries below the federal poverty level for a family of four. And have you seen the budget outlook? At this rate, we’ll never be able to fully clothe that lady on the state flag.

-2 Piles and piles of damp leaves line neighborhood streets, awaiting giant city vacuums. Which explains the giant sucking sound you’re about to hear. Either that or we’re down to the last few drops of Hardywood Gingerbread Stout.

+1 Making her Peanutty Pie Crust Clusters, Henrico County home cook Beth Royals wins $1 million in the Pillsbury Bake-Off. Even happier news: With her new windfall, she’ll never have to eat store-bought dough again.

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