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+7 Richmond celebrates Thanksgiving with food, football and leftovers. Yep, the only turkey that got pardoned around these parts was the mayor’s ballpark plan.

+3 The ice rink along Broad Street at CenterStage opens for the season, drawing skaters downtown. We haven’t seen this many bruises since the Renegades were in town.

-5 Police tell the T-D they’re concerned that budget cuts to the Virginia Department of Forensic Science will end certain trace evidence testing, such as fiber and gunshot residue. Well, we won’t be able to afford William Petersen, but we can get Ted Danson for cheap.

+1 Friends and colleagues hold a surprise party over the weekend for state Delegate Deloris McQuinn for her 60th birthday. Everyone was in such a good mood there was even bipartisan support for a hangover.

+4 The T-D reports that St. John’s Church, which holds re-enactments of the convention where Patrick Henry gave his “liberty or death” speech, finally is replacing its leaky roofs. So Patrick, you can stop ad-libbing “Give me liberty or give me black mold.”

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