The Score


+4 Halloween falls on a cold Friday night, filling local nightclubs with costumed revelers. It was so cold the naughty nurses had to thaw a few thermometers.

+6 Daylight saving time ends, giving Richmonders an extra hour on Sunday. Which on the Netflix-binge-watching scale equals an additional "Sons of Anarchy" episode.

-2 Candidates fill the airwaves, knock on your door and call you at home, pleading for your vote on the eve of Election Day. Because if you don't have the guts to interrupt family dinners, how do you expect to lead this country?

-4 Questions follow the explosion of an unmanned commercial rocket lifting off Wallops Island, which was carrying 5,000 pounds of experiments and equipment for NASA. It's also anyone's guess what those guys on the International Space Station are gonna use for toilet paper.

+3 The first Fire, Flour & Fork conference brings together chefs, food writers and diners for a weekend of education and indulgence. They've already signed up next year's sponsor, Tums.

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