The Score


-6 With a $2.4 billion gap in Virginia's two-year budget, the governor announces layoffs, cutbacks and a price hike on booze at the state's 350 liquor stores. And there's a monopoly for ya — create a reason to drink and then make you pay more for the privilege.

+4 Richmond's theater community gets gussied up for the seventh annual Artsies, a lively show that hands out awards from local critics and offers up musical highlights from the year. And yet again, City Hall is robbed in the best comedy category.

-1 Considering the Ebola threat, three state lawmakers write to the governor, urging him to use "the police powers of Virginia" to enact restrictions on travelers from Ebola-affected areas by air and sea. The letter was mailed from the cave in which they usually make legislation.

+5 The largest group yet, about 1,300 volunteers, turn out to tackle daylong projects for nonprofits across the city as part of HandsOn Greater Richmond Day. Which was way more productive than our Saturday a few weeks ago, when we observed ButtOn Tattered Couch Day.

+1 Perly's matzo ball soup wins the Souper Bowl at Max's Positive Vibe Café, as judged by the Soup Nazi actor from "Seinfeld," Larry Thomas. But let's be honest — the real winner is the guy who's getting paid 19 years after pretending to be an eccentric fascist chef on television.

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