The Score


+8 Despite cloudy skies and a chill in the air, tens of thousands of people spend weekend time enjoying the 10th anniversary of the Richmond Folk Festival. The break dancers were a big hit. Then again, that might have been a group of guys just trying to stay warm.

+4 Gov. Terry McAuliffe toasts the decision of Stone Brewing Co. to bring its $74 million East Coast expansion to Richmond's Fulton neighborhood. One of Stone's flagship brews, Arrogant Bastard, is how the city is feeling right about now.

0 The ACLU applauds an opinion by the attorney general that says law enforcement officials are prohibited from using drones except for humanitarian reasons. They add that a drone sandwich delivery service would infringe on no one's civil liberties and they would welcome such airborne deliciousness.

+1 The Camel is host to a local band mash-up combining the pop of My Darling Fury with the hip-hop of the Photosynthesizers — called Darling Synthesis. It's the most fascinating mash-up since that drunk dude passed out in front of the kids playing the buckets in Carytown.

+2 A "Saturday Night Live" sketch starring host Bill Hader spoofs the commercials of Richmond-based charity ChildFund International and its television spokesman, Virginia actor Alan Sader. Now, for the cost of a cup of coffee, won't you consider helping SNL's ratings?

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