The Score


+9 After ups and downs in the courts, same-sex marriage becomes legal in the state, with Attorney General Mark Herring calling it "a tremendous moment in Virginia history." It's almost like everyone's already forgotten about that Foo Fighters concert.

+1 Billionaire businessman Bill Goodwin, a major backer of an independent, regional children's hospital, says he doesn't want the project to get mired in the ballpark debate. And the heavens opened, and the earth stood still, and a quiet descended upon the mayor's office.

-3 With one last midway-pulsing, fun-filled weekend of down-home good times, the State Fair of Virginia comes to a close. Proving once again that if you deep-fry it, wrap it and bacon and deep-fry it again, they will come.

+1 Richmonder and Super Bowl star Russell Wilson writes an essay for Derek Jeter's new website about how he bullied others in grade school and urges support for victims of domestic violence. So to recap, he's a rich, handsome, altruistic, superstar quarterback. But hey, if you take away all those little details, he's a writer just like us!

+2 The Martin Agency wins the Ritz Crackers account, Advertising Age reports, with creative work beginning in 2015. Around the agency, it will be known as the year no one could whistle while they worked.

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