The Score


+6 The State Fair of Virginia opens to fall weather, a bustling midway and blue-ribbon winners from across the commonwealth. As is tradition, even the carnies are fried.

+2 Gov. McAuliffe says he joined the effort to sweet-talk Stone Brewing Co. into expanding here by inviting executives to partake of the Executive Mansion kegerator. We aren't sure what happened next, but we spotted them leaving out the back with a Derek Jeter gift basket.

-1 Travelers run into headaches trying to fly from Richmond to Chicago after a fire is set at an air traffic control center in the Windy City. To make matters worse, they eventually arrived in Chicago.

-3 reports that a group promoting the right to openly carry guns takes its demonstration through Creighton Court, alarming residents and drawing a police response. OK, open-carry advocates, now a group from Creighton Court is heading over to open carry in your neighborhood. Cool?

+5 Virginia Pridefest turns Brown's Island into a colorful festival supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender awareness. As usual, attendance was high, but many people were late because of the State Fair. Apparently there was some confusion with this whole Twinx thing.

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