The Score


+3 Kids across the area start filtering back to elementary, middle and high schools, while nervous college freshmen arrive in Richmond to begin university life. Bottom line: Annoyance level just dropped at Kings Dominion.

-1 VCU police launch a mobile "noise suppression unit" to keep tabs on parties thrown by students who live near the Monroe Park campus. Which explains why an engineering student just filed for a patent on "The Keg Stand Muffler 2000."

-4 The McDonnells' legal team unfolds its defense after prosecutors spend three weeks presenting their evidence in the corruption trial. Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest show in town welcomes you back from intermission.

+2 Hidden doors are found under wall paneling at the Virginia Historical Society, Richmond magazine reports, uncovered during the museum's renovation project. Even more mystifying, they lead to a secret tunnel that ends at Sugar Shack Donuts.

+3 The ALS Association's ice-bucket challenge reaches a fever pitch in Richmond. We thought we'd seen a record-setting number of wet heads — until the fluids started flying at last weekend's Gwar B-Q.

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