The Score


-6 Week two of the McDonnell corruption trial brings news that Maureen McDonnell's former chief of staff, Mary-Shea Sutherland, referred to her as a "nutbag." Which, sadly for the former first lady, is unavailable from Louis Vuitton.

-1 The Redskins training camp draws to a close. A few starry-eyed women are still wondering why Tom Brady wouldn't sign their RGIII jerseys.

0 The T-D reports that Wal-Mart will open a 4,100-square-foot store with no alcohol — but a pharmacy — on VCU's Monroe Park Campus. The University of Richmond, naturally, will be getting a Target.

+2 In Little League news, the Tuckahoe American All Star team makes it to the regional final, but is bested for a second year by South Nashville. Chins up, kids: You may not be headed to the World Series, but you also aren't going home to Tennessee.

+3 Community radio station WRIR-FM 97.3 launches an Indiegogo campaign on the road to a $20,000 goal to win grants and expand with a new studio. South Side residents who pledge $50 receive a complimentary signal-boosting tin can and string!

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