The Score


-7 Jury selection begins in the corruption trial of former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, with the ensuing media frenzy and estimates that it could last into September. Looks like summer might lead into a big fall.

+2 Football fans flock to Redskins training camp, with some people lining up at 7 the night before opening day. But things get really exciting when it turns RG3 o'clock.

+1 Organizers announce that the first concert at the Redskins training center will be Rascal Flatts on Sept. 27 to raise money for disaster preparedness. And by disaster preparedness, let's just hope they aren't getting us ready for a repeat of last year's season.

0 With a demonstration scheduled for Sunday at 2, proponents of keeping a ballpark on the Boulevard say they want to encircle The Diamond in a show of solidarity. And then it's the world's biggest game of duck … duck … Nutzy.

+3 Mekong owner An Bui agrees to buy Commercial Taphouse & Grill, saying he'll keep alive the craft beer legacy built by owner James Talley, the "grandfather of craft beer in Richmond." When he first got started, the only hops people talked about were those dances you went to in socks.

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