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0 Only two guys show up to a Second Amendment demonstration planned for July Fourth in Carytown, where they stroll the sidewalks with their firearms. And they wonder why they never get invites to backyard barbecues.

+9 The Independence Day weekend brings pool parties, packed Flying Squirrels games and fireworks celebrations across the city. And then there was that one guy who just had to get up early on Sunday to mow his lawn.

+4 In Richmond, Tropical Storm Arthur is a dud. Which explains the endless local news coverage.

-3 The former chief executive of the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia repays the nearly $30,000 she embezzled, the T-D reports, and begins serving her sentence of three months. Orange is the new Thin Mint.

+1 Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery launches its limited-release Pony Pasture Pilsner, pitched as a drink "Perfect for hot Virginia days down by the Rivah." At Texas Beach, on the other hand, you're going to see way more than six-packs.


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