The Score


+6 The Revolutionary War spy drama filmed locally, "Turn," is renewed by AMC network for a second season. So much for those hopeful predictions that the end of "Lincoln" filming would usher in Richmond's glorious post-beard era.

-5 The speaker of Virginia's House of Delegates devises a way to sneak into the governor's office suite to deliver the budget when no one's there, the T-D reports. Two seasons of "House of Cards" and this is the best you could come up with?

+1 The upstart comedy group Coalition Theater marks its fifth anniversary. And they didn't have to hire a single clown for the party.

+7 Richmonders enter a short workweek, looking toward a weekend filled with Fourth of July celebrations. Remember kids, don't shoot bottle rockets out of your hands. That's what your patriotically themed beer cans are for.

-2 But meteorologists caution that Independence Day festivities could be rained out, while they keep an eye out for a potential Tropical Storm Arthur. Which, like most Arthurs, so far appears harmless.

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