The Score


+4 In an event organized by local sports groups including the Richmond Kickers, more than 6,000 fans turn out to a World Cup viewing party in a downtown parking lot to watch the United States tie Portugal 2-2. They exceeded their gooooooooaaaallls.

-3 Dave Brat, the Republican candidate for Congress who beat Eric Cantor, keeps a low profile and takes no questions at a news conference he holds at his campaign headquarters. Who needs words when you can just drop the mic and pop champagne?

+2 Hopeful kid extras line up for a chance to be in the movie "Ithaca" after Gov. Terry McAuliffe announces that it will be filmed here, produced by Tom Hanks and featuring Meg Ryan's directorial debut. If only we could start exporting child stars to L.A.

+1 Nutzy the Flying Squirrel hits the auction block for the Single in the City Bachelor and Bachelorette Auction to raise money for Centerstage, bringing in a bid of $200. Weird? Maybe. But the date package included a huge diamond nut.

+3 Firehouse Theatre prepares for the opening of its summer musical, "Hair," with a cautionary note that the production contains brief nudity. And unfortunately, some of you may have to sit in the back row.

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