The Score


+8 With a sun shining and a river high, the outdoor sports and music festival Dominion Riverrock draws an estimated 100,000 people to Brown's Island over the weekend. Best of all, bikes and dogs were the only things flying through the air.

-2 A mysterious, overpowering stench in a kindergarten classroom at John B. Cary Elementary School forces the students and their teacher into the library for the rest of the year. In unrelated news, after weeks of searching the class hamster remains missing.

-3 VCU's board agrees to hire a consultant to evaluate the job performance of President Michael Rao, the T-D reports, at a cost of as much as $28,000. When did VCU become the local university for rich kids?

+1 NBC-12 investigative reporter Rachel DePompa announces that she's having twins. Stay tuned for a two-part delivery at 6 and 11.

+3 The Richmond police mounted squad checks out the route for its Richmond Ride on Saturday, May 31, which allows as many as 100 horse riders to join them in a three-hour tour of the city. Beware of the steaming speed bumps.

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