The Score


+1 Setting off grocery-shopping shockwaves in Richmond, Wegmans Food Markets announces that it's bringing two stores to town. If you want to see a rift in the time-space continuum, try shopping there using all those Ukrop's bags you hoarded.

+6 Richmonders celebrate Earth Day with outdoor festivals, bikes, music, recycling, running, gardening, yoga, fishing, food and beer. In other words, the opposite of what your dad wants to do on Father's Day, except for the food and beer.

-7 Virginia's transportation secretary says the state could be out half a billion dollars if the toll road project from Petersburg to Suffolk isn't built. It won't be long before getting your EZPass will require an American Express Black Card.

0 cheers on drag queens Sharon Husbands, Michelle Livigne and Millenium Snow, who are in the running to appear on season seven of "RuPaul's Drag Race." And by "in the running," we mean strutting with lots of attitude, honey.

+2 The Metro Richmond Zoo announces the birth of a baby giraffe, which stands taller than 6 feet and weighs around 175 pounds, to parents Jessie and Tonka. Who could really use a night out on the town about now.

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