The Score


+4 The Richmond Flying Squirrels win their home opening series against the Altoona Curve, drawing 33,386 fans to the crumbling Diamond. Next week, stay tuned for Sledgehammer and Spackle Night.

-6 Tax day comes and goes. Which begs the question: What are we going to do when all these dancing Statues of Liberty get laid off?

-2 Kids head into days off from school for spring break, with temperatures hitting the high 70s. In other words, there will be a gorgeous view out the window while they're playing Xbox all week.

+1 Speaking of kids, Maymont announces that Tag the goat has given birth to two of them, with another goat named Amelia expecting little ones soon. Who's been playing Barry White in the goat pens?

+5 Richmonders lend a hand to charitable projects around town, marking National Volunteer Week. And if you didn't enjoy The Score this week you can blame the volunteers who wrote it.

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