The Score


-3 The first day of spring arrives a few days before a weather prediction for, well, we just physically and emotionally can't bring ourselves to write the S-word any longer.

+4 Local residents, politicians, business owners and news anchors show off their dance moves in music-video send-ups to the song "Happy" for the International Day of Happiness. Thankfully, there never came to be an International Day of Harlem Shake. +4

-5 In a last-minute upset, the VCU men's basketball team loses during the first round of the NCAA tournament, falling to the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks. But you'd better believe Shaka Smart won't be getting the ax.

+1 Richmond-based blogging sweethearts and authors Young House Love introduce their line of hooks and wall storage designs being sold at Target. As a side note, do not Google "young," "hooks" and "love" from your work computer.

+6 It may have been a week after St. Patrick's Day, but that doesn't stop thousands of revelers from another weekend of fun with the 29th annual Church Hill Irish Festival. We aren't pointing fingers, but gentlemen, you had a whole seven days to wash those kilts.