The Score


-6 After teasing winter-weary Richmonders with a weekend of spring temperatures and sunny skies, Mother Nature wallops the city with yet another dose of snow and ice on St. Patrick's Day. At the end of the rainbow, there's a big pot o' cold.

-4 The men's basketball teams at the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University fail to claim the Atlantic 10 championship in New York. On the upside, the Peppas signed a movie deal with Spike Lee.

+3 A program at the Virginia War Memorial commemorates K-9 Veterans Day, honoring war dogs that have helped defend the country. Paws for a moment of silence.

+1 The city's Department of Public Utilities urges residents to check household plumbing in the midst of Fix-a-Leak Week. The Department of Health holds its own Fix-a-Leak Week, but that's for a different kind of plumbing.

+5 The T-D reports that a record amount of money, nearly $255,000, was raised for local charities by the kids at Deep Run High School in their 27-hour dance-a-thon. Fortunately, one of those charities is the American Association for Blister Recovery.