The Score


+3 As a new Richmond resident, Gov. Terry McAuliffe stops by the City Council meeting to say hello. Also, to ask: “Who does a guy have to sleep with to get his property tax bill straightened out around here?”

-6 A little more than a month before spring’s arrival, Richmonders hunker down for a snowstorm that fails to live up to its catastrophic hype. Looks like another week of milk sandwiches.

+2 If anything good comes of the storm, it’s the Kit-Kat-O-Meter devised by 8 News reporter Nate Eaton, which measures snowfall according to various sized candy bars affixed vertically to the ground. Coming soon: the Almond Joy Dew Point Meter.

+5Richmonders celebrate Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. Have you been vaccinated?

-1 Richmond chocolatier Tim Gearhart creates ceremonial chocolates using fig jam from Virginia that he gives to French President Francois Hollande during his visit. That’s going to make some mistress very happy.

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