The Score


+3 A college-guide website called Unigo ranks the University of Richmond as the country's 10th most-wired campus. And that's just counting the tennis racquets.

+1 The Center for Responsive Politics issues a report that lists Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia as the second-richest member of Congress. But hey, let's give him a break, the guy puts on his pants one titanium-plated, bionic leg at a time.

-2 For a story on CBS-6, Mark Holmberg explores some 145-year-old, underground beer vaults, during which he accidentally falls into a hole. Some reporters have Deep Throat, others have mud stuck in places they'd rather not disclose.

+2 VCU holds its homecoming parade along the streets of downtown Richmond. Participants may pick up their Celebratory Studies in Urban Geography and Physical Expressions degree at the end of the route.

+5 Richmonders commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in part by volunteering during the National Day of Service. And no, spending the day napping doesn't count toward "keeping the dream alive."

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