The Score


+4 After a horrible season that includes eight straight losses, the Washington Redskins fire Mike Shanahan as coach. Maybe Nutzy the Flying Squirrel is available?

-5 In the days after Christmas, holiday decorations start coming down across town. What are we without tacky lights? A poor man's Charlotte.

+2 This is the week that Colorado becomes the first state to allow the sale of marijuana for uses other than medical. We know this has nothing to do with Virginia. Except for that giant sucking sound you hear portending the Great Exodus of RVA.

+1 An online contest names the Richmond Cheetah Cam cubs, shown by the T-D and the Metro Richmond Zoo, for localities — Chester, Richie, Rico, Hanna and Amelia. It's really the only place you can see the localities get along.

+2 The No BS Brass! band's show at Balliceaux in May is named one of the 10 best concerts in 2013 by the entertainment blog of the Wall Street Journal. Just what we need, another Fan bar ruined by an invasion of investment-banker doofuses.

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