The Score


+3 A 12-foot Fraser fir from Sweet Providence Farm in Floyd County becomes the Christmas tree at the Executive Mansion. And you just know the gifts under that tree are gonna be good.

-4 The Richmond mom who turned her "Girls Night Out" song into a viral music video pulls it from YouTube after having to deal with a deluge of negative online commenters. Some critics were so vulgar they'd turn any mom 50 shades of red.

+2 After a security guard is assaulted at the site of the RVA Street Art Festival, an online campaign is launched to help pay his medical expenses. Now let's find the culprits and do things to them that only Salvador DalĂ­ could dream of painting.

-1 Richmond police install cameras designed to catch red-light runners at Elkhardt and Hull Street roads in the South Side. Add a host, a slot on cable access and you have all the makings of ratings gold.

+3 Skaters including a surprisingly graceful Nutzy the Flying Squirrel take to the first week's opening of the seasonal downtown rink RVA on Ice. All was well until some of his nuts got smashed in an unfortunate Zamboni mishap.

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