The Score


+2 France removes Richmond from its travel advisory of dangerous places to visit after the list receives scrutiny, with the French Embassy sort of apologizing. Send us another Statue of Liberty for Brown's Island and we'll never speak of this again.

-1 A fake Twitter account purporting to be Mayor Dwight Jones is suspended after fooling reporters and others, with some bandana-wearing people taking credit for the prank. For the full story, tune in to @FakeNBC12 with @EvilRyanobles.

+3 "Turn," the new AMC spy series set during the Revolutionary War, continues its casting call for extras including long-haired men with wiry builds. One visit to Ipanema Cafe on Tofu Tuesday and you have one happy casting director.

+1 Jerry Williams, the man behind the local arts and culture website Sifter, marries his longtime partner, Mark Reed, in Baltimore and says they're the first men to appear in the T-D's "Celebrations" section. Hope they like the matching His-and-His towels we sent.

+1 Wizard World, the largest producer of Comic Cons and pop-culture conventions in North America, adds a Richmond stop to its 2014 Comic Con tour. So yes, there is an event nerdier than TEDxRVA.

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