The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+2 The city gets another local beer-maker with the opening of Isley Brewing Co. in Scott’s Addition. This is not to be confused with the Isley Brothers Brewing Co., which makes a mean “Twist and Shout Stout.”

-4 The GRTC Transit system prepares to lose its chief executive, Eldridge Coles, who’s retiring after nearly five decades. He’s been there so long he can remember when Chesterfield wouldn’t let the horse and buggies across county lines.

+1 The Richmond Police Department introduces a retro black and white design for its cruisers. Early tests with retro tie-dye just never got off the drawing board.

+3 The Richmond Zombie Walk fills the streets of Carytown on a Saturday afternoon with rotting, bustling crowds of the wandering undead. For one day only, the merchants change their slogan to “A Mile of Vile and Bile.”

-3 It’s the last week before Election Day, when voters will choose Virginia’s next governor. If you’ve been waiting for the day to write in Rodney the Ram, this may be your best shot.