The Score


+3 The Richmond Flying Squirrels end their season with a franchise attendance record, announcing an average of 6,689 fans per game over 65 openings. What's that saying? It isn't whether you win or lose, it's how many people watched you do it.

-4 Perly's, the downtown institution of a restaurant known for hearty breakfasts and power lunches, closes without notice. It's more shocking than finding out what's in the sausage patty at McDonald's.

+6 It's race weekend in Richmond, with driver Carl Edwards making news with his split-second win and Clint Bowyer drawing headlines for a controversial spinout. So Bowyer might have faked to give his teammate a win? Ah yes, he's the New York Giants of NASCAR.

+2 Longtime Richmond singer and songwriter Susan Greenbaum is named Virginia Press Women's Newsmaker of the Year. And she never had to twerk for it. Are you taking notes, Miley?

+1 Starbucks puts pumpkin spice back on the board and Center of the Universe Brewing Co. releases its Oktoberfest beer. So much fall in the air before summer ends — as confusing as hipsters wearing scarves with V-necks.

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