The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+8 The Carytown Watermelon Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary, with organizers estimating a crowd of at least 110,000 people. Remember the inaugural year when it was just a little seed spit into a sidewalk crack?

-4 The superintendent of the Henrico County Schools is put on paid annual leave, CBS-6 reports, after questions are raised about inappropriate emails and a personal relationship with a School Board member and her husband. And, like, they were totally hogging the cool kids’ table in the cafeteria.

-1 Church Hill People’s News reports on a shake-up in the neighborhood association, with eight board members resigning in a letter citing “elevated vitriol and animosity.” But hey, revolutions are to be expected from the old turf of Patrick Henry.

+6 Music dominates the weekend with fans flocking to the Richmond Jazz Festival, Jimmy Eat World and the Sound City Bands & Brews Fest. There were so many concerts you could travel from Tredegar to Maymont just by crowd surfing.

+0 The Washington Redskins head into their last week of training camp before packing up and shipping out. This time next week, Richmond’s sports star quotient goes back to being topped by Denny Hamlin, Rob Ukrop and Nutzy the Flying Squirrel.

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