The Score

A weekly rating of the city zeitgeist.


+9The Redskins officially open training camp, attracting thousands of visitors, big Richmond buzz, and even some Dallas Cowboys fans. Hint to single guys: If you played football in college, throw on a Skins jersey and head to the nearest bar. Now.

0The governor repays more than $120,000 in loans plus interest to Star Scientific’s Jonnie Williams, saying his family broke no laws and apologizing for any embarrassment caused to Virginia. No problem buddy, we lost our shame a long time ago.

-4School Board member Shonda Harris-Muhammed holds a news conference to say she isn’t resigning, after her husband is charged with manufacturing marijuana. Her husband holds a news conference to ask for directions to the nearest White Castle.

+5Anticipation builds for the state’s first indoor craft beer festival, Virginia Beer Live on Friday at the Richmond Coliseum, which kicks off Virginia Craft Beer Month. Yup, this is a state that promotes wine month and beer month, but sends ABC agents to swarm sorority girls for buying sparkling water.

+2The Richmond Flying Squirrels announce a Scandal Night promotion for Aug. 1, offering hot dogs for $1 as a tribute to Anthony Weiner. Just don’t ask Nutzy about batting practice with Carlos Danger.

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